Arthur’s Birthday


Clockwise from top left corner: Arthur enjoying a 2010 Silver Oak and 2013 Joseph Phelps Insignia at Taurinus; Arthur and an amazing chocolate cake at Tonga Room; Amanda, Tobia, Arthur, and Arnon at Taurinus; Richard, Yolanda, Arthur, Sylvia, Eva, Laura, Alex, Bianca, Jared, Arnon, and Tobia at Tonga Room; Tobia, Arthur, Jared, Arnon, Richard, Jeff, and Amanda at Fleming’s Steakhouse

Over the long holiday weekend, we celebrated Arthur’s 39th birthday over three days. On Friday, his actual birthday, we gathered for a Brazilian meat feast at Taurinus in Downtown San Jose and drank his favorite wine, a 2010 Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet. Then we went to the Fairmont Hotel for an afternoon of cocktails. Afterwards, we headed to Jared and Arthur’s place for pizza, a movie, and more wine.

On Saturday, we joined his family for dinner and tiki drinks at Tonga Room in San Francisco. There was a live band so everyone (minus me) tried to dance, but they ultimately decided the songs were too elevator music-y. Sad. At least the giant chocolate cake was divine.

On Sunday, we gathered for a steak dinner at the newly-opened Fleming’s in Santa Clara. We drank some more of Arthur’s favorite wine and just about everyone feasted on prime rib. Delish! Arnon ate fish. *eye roll* After dinner, we returned to Jared and Arthur’s place for games and more wine.


Miscellaneous photos from August:


Clockwise from top left: wine at iTalico; “Naked Ladies” in Santa Clara; meat feast with Arnon and Steve at Taurinus Brazilian Steakhouse; Tobia and Arnon at La Fondue; steaks at Alexander’s Steakhouse; Arnon relaxing with a bloody mary at Village Bistro; Riley and “Naked Ladies” in Santa Cruz; Arnon enjoying a glass of Eisrebe during wine hour; flat tire in Pacifica; Tobia and Marie celebrating Tobia’s faux birthday at Alexander’s Steakhouse; “Naked Ladies” in Pacifica